Yohann iPad Stand review

Attractive wooden iPad stands that satisfy in terms of form as well as function. They accommodate the Apple Pencil too. Maybe just a little light if I had to pick a criticism.

I needed a stand when I decided to switch from a MacBook to an iPad for my day-to-day computing needs. I do often use the device in a hand-held fashion but it’s mainly used with a proper keyboard on my desk or coffee table.

The iPad I bought is the 12.9 inch Pro and it’s harder than I thought it’d be to get a suitable stand in the UK. It seems the US is much better served for the big Pro than the UK, where we seem to have a few stands that will accommodate the big Pro but weren’t specifically designed for it.

My search for stands left me underwhelmed to be honest. I was actually after two: one heavier, infinitely adjustable stand for my desk and a lighter, better-looking stand for my coffee table. I’m still searching for the former but the latter comes in the shape of the Yohann iPad Stand I’m reviewing here.

Yohann iPad stand.
Yohann iPad Stand - elegant.

It is a thing of beauty, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing, and I believe wood is much more attractive than the metal or plastic affairs sold elsewhere.

The stand needs the iPad in place to balance properly but then there are three positions: upright, almost flat and then a position between the two that somebody has adjudged to be the correct angle for use on a desk. They are more or less spot on with this angle as far as I’m concerned but it may not suit everyone.

Here’s the thing with this sort of stand. Because it doesn’t have multiple angles and rotations of orientation, you take pot luck as to whether those angles suit you. It’s the nature of this sort of stand and in my case it’s fine but you'll have to make a judgement as to whether you think it will be suitable for you.

Yohann iPad stand.
Yohann iPad Stand - attractive.
My plan, as mentioned above, is to eventually buy a fully adjustable stand for desktop use and use this stand on my coffee table. As it happens, this stand is fine in both places, although just occasionally — usually when I slump or slouch at my desk — I’d like finer adjustment.

In terms of practicality, it’ll accommodate an iPad in either landscape or portrait mode and there’s a hole in the slot the iPad stands on for the power cable when it’s in portrait. There are magnets underneath that slot to hold the Apple Pencil and there’s another slot behind where the iPad sits if you want to store your Apple Pencil out of the way.

The balance is good in all positions and it feels pretty secure. I worry a little that the iPad might fall off when it’s in the upright position — particularly in portrait mode — but it has never done so to date.

If I had one main criticism of this stand it’s that it is a little light. Prodding the screen firmly can slide the stand and accompanying iPad backwards on a desk.

It is in my opinion one of the best-looking stands around and it looks fantastic on a coffee table. Yes, I probably will get another stand for desk use at some point, but that’s by-the-by and probably reflects my fussiness more than anything else. Make no mistake, I like this stand.

Yohann iPad Stand.
Yohann iPad Stand - holding iPad.
It’s expensive: in oak it costs 159 euros (£140, $193) and in walnut it costs 179 euros (£158, $217) but you’re getting a hand-crafted item that serves as both an iPad stand and an objet d’art with decorative appeal. Nevertheless, even taking that into account, I think £100 is a fairer price-point for the oak version I bought.

Rating this item has proved tricky. Am I rating it against all possible stands, all available stands or just all stands ‘of this nature’ (whatever that means)? Well, I think it’s only fair to rate it as part of some nebulous, sparsely-populated category along the lines of ‘Wood Stands With Limited Adjustment’. These are the properties one accepts ahead of purchase, so it’s unfair to knock off points because it’s not infinitely adjustable, for example. I’ll therefore take half a star off because I think it’s a bit overpriced and half a star because it’s a little light, so four stars it is.

Yohann iPad stand.
Yohann iPad Stand - balanced.