WordPress settings menu.

There are some important settings you might want to tweak to your requirements. You access the settings from the left menu and it's worth looking through all of them, but I'll pick out a few of the notable things here.

If you change any settings, don't forget to press the Save button at the bottom of each page.

General Settings

  • Check the URLs, domain names and admin email address are correct (1, on the diagram below).
  • If you don't want people to be able to register with your site, untick the the 'Anyone can register' box (2).
  • Check the language, timezone and date formats are to your requirements (3).

WordPress settings menu.

Discussion Settings

This relates to if and how visitors can comment on things you post.

  • Pay particular attention as to whether you want to allow comments at all (1, on the diagram below).
  • If you are allowing comments, look at any conditions you want to impose (2 & 3).

WordPress settings menu.

Permalink Settings

Take a look at the web address you want to use for your blog posts. There are various options but if you're in doubt just select the 'Post name' option.

WordPress settings menu.