Wescot Credit Services — spammers (01482 590502)

They are spammers, it’s as simple as that. They continue to spam me even though I’ve never heard of the person they say they’re after.

I would like to submit Wescot Credit Services Ltd for consideration in the Most Accomplished Spammers category.

No spam image.

Ever since I moved here in January 2016 they’ve been plaguing me with spam phone calls. They ask for someone I’ve never heard of and it seems they expect me, out of the goodness of my heart, to track this person down and get them to call Westcot back.

They most frequently call me from 01482 590502.

I was originally graced by calls from a surly human and no matter how many times I told Westcot I’d never heard of this person, they’d ring back and try again. It seems I no longer qualify for a call from a human now, though, and merely get automated calls instead.

If I were the person they’re after and had simply lied to them, why would I suddenly tell them the truth this time? As I’m not (and have never even heard of) the person they’re after, what am I supposed to do?

Either way you look at it, they’re unlikely to get a favourable response by continually calling my number. They must know that, which makes this deliberate harassment and that shows just what a dodgy company they are.

I can understand them calling a number they have on file once, but if they don’t get the response they’re after from that call, they should be sending out formal letters by post. To continue calling a number when they’ve been told the person they’re after does not live there is harassment. In fact they are at this point attempting to get settlement for a debt from someone other than the debtor, which is simply a scam.

So what should you do when this sort of thing happens? You can of course report it on the various “Who Called Me” sites and that’s a useful reference for other victims of such spammers, but I’d strongly recommend informing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) too. They have a form specifically for spam texts and nuisance calls. I would imagine the ICO get a lot of these reports and the number of reports for any given company might influence which ones they follow up, so please report it. The ICO are the only ones empowered to deal with this sort of thing properly.

Secondly, you can block the number. I did have Wescot blocked but I’ve recently replaced my handset and have had to rebuild my block list from scratch. They are of course blocked again now.

If it were within my power I’d call an air strike against Wescot, but alas I’m not yet the country’s despotic ruler.