I don’t really do Twitter. I had a crack at it for a few weeks and TechnicallyRon (Aaron Gillies @TechnicallyRon) happened to be one of the people I followed. But ultimately I found Twitter unrewarding — partly for some of the reasons Ron mentions in his article — and I’m now leaving it alone more and more, just as I did with Facebook a few years ago.

Social media just isn’t my bag it seems.

Bur Ron’s article highlights something I’ve thought is endemic on Twitter. People make throwaway comments or failed attempts at humour. Or they’ll say something rash in their younger days that they perhaps now regret. Essentially, people make mistakes. The thing is, there are also a bunch of degenerate buffoons on Twitter (and some in the press) who’ll take any little things like that, rouse a mob around it and try their best to tear someone to pieces. They build a straw man from a few throwaway sentences someone once posted and then proceed to burn him over and over.

The intelligent will see through this of course but unfortunately there are enough stupid, vindictive people to cause a problem.

I don’t know why Twitter in particular is like this. Maybe it’s the immediacy of things or the all-access nature of it. Maybe it’s the 280 character limit — I’ve often wondered if setting a minimum limit of, say, 500 words might force people to think about what they post a bit more.

Twitter loves a generalisation too. Every person who [name whatever trait you like] is bad. There are no shades of grey and there’s rarely any celebration of differences. It simply doesn’t reflect how reasonable, intelligent people behave outside of social media.

No, it’s not for me. But I hope TechnicallyRon manages to get through this okay and I wish him the best of luck. His book ‘How to Survive the End of the World (When it’s in Your Own Head)’ is superb and says far more about the man who wrote it than any of his tweets.

Not that that’ll mean anything to the idiot trolls of course.