The Sonos situation re dropping support for older kit

Sonos Connect So, Sonos is going to drop support for older kit this May, which has sparked a lot of fury from many of Sonos’s customers. I can see why. Sonos’s kit is not cheap and there’s an expectation that good quality hi-fi kit will last for decades rather than the five years Sonos guarantees.

One disgruntled customer said:

In 2013, I refurbished my home and spent 1000s on an integrated music system based around Sonos central controllers to send music to every room. Now, I get an e mail, telling me that it's old and may as well be thrown in the bin.

It will affect me because I have a Sonos Connect and a Sonos: Play 1. The Connect is the one that bothers me most because that’s what I use to play my digital music through my hi-fi.

Sonos have offered a trade-up to new kit with a 30% discount, but I won’t be taking them up on their offer. The cynic in me says this is a convenient way for Sonos to generate more sales and whatever I buy could be out of date in five years’ time.

A new Play:1 would set me back £199 and the equivalent to a Connect these days is the Sonos: Port, which would set me back £399. Together that’s nigh on £600, although their 30% discount would bring that down to £420.

As I said, though, I won’t be upgrading my Sonos kit. I will instead simply run my current system until it stops working and then, when time and finances allow, I’ll look around for something that connects my hi-fi up to Airplay 2. Something that isn’t Sonos, that is.