I just wanted to give a shoutout to a site a friend has started. We all need a leg-up, although Terry is, how shall we put it, rotund so don’t offer it in the real world unless you like traction.

His site title of Grumpy Old Cat Man says it all in four words really.

We can look deeper, though.

He may be a grumpy old cat man but if you pull back the curtain of his psyche, scrub vigorously at his facade of existential realism and wipe the window of his pre-frontal cortex what you’d actually find is a ... grumpy old cat man.

You get what’s written on the tin. But it will be well-written and fun.

I have many personal memories of Mr Cutting but one seems to abide by me. We were moving a settee and had it half in and half out a doorway. For reasons I still don’t understand it was vertical. We needed a breather, draped in sweat as we were. We glimpsed one another’s eyes and worlds of knowledge passed in that moment. Maybe most significantly that this was perhaps the evolutionary natural resting position for any settee.

Anyway, read his blog. It should be fun.

What many people don’t know is he was an advisor to Neil Armstrong.

PS. For my technical readers I will get back to that soon. My HomePod has only narrowly resisted being set fire to today.