Teenage Engineering's lovely stuff

Teenage Engineering are doing it again. They produce lots of devices that mix sound. I don't need such a device because I haven't a clue how to mix sound — I can barely mix a salad. But they're such good-looking devices that I want them anyway. Their latest is the TX-6, which does many things, I'm sure. I want it on my wall somewhere.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator.
Pocket Operator

I've been lusting after their Pocket Operator Modular 170 for ages, although I have absolutely no idea what a Pocket Operator is. I want it on my desk and then when people ask me what it is I'd tell them it controls penguins in the Antarctic.

The only thing they have that I might use is a wireless speaker, but (a) I don't need one and (b) it's expensive.

Still, I hope they keep on producing whatever it is they make.