Tag: iOS

NetNewsWire review — you'd be mad not to try it

NetNewsWire 5.1 for macOS brought in Feedly support and therefore became the feed reader of choice for me. Here's my review of NetNewsWire.

Agenda app review — the golden goose?

A review of Agenda version 10 for macOS, iPadOS and iOS. A date-based notes app with to-do and light project management capabilities.

iA Writer review and changing my workflow

A review of iA Writer version 5 for macOS, iPadOS and iOS, which is a file-based Markdown editor.

Make quantum decisions with the Universe Splitter app

I simply had to have an app that allows me to create new universes and base all my decisions on quantum mechanics.

Apple Reminders on iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina — much improved

A review of Apple’s Reminders app under macOS Catalina, iPadOS 13 and iOS 13. It’s now a genuinely useful GTD app.

Apple's Reminders app needs two features

A very brief review of Apple's Reminders app which lacks two key features as far as I am concerned. The addition of these features would make it truly useful.

Coda review - nearly the perfect code editor

A review of Panic's Coda, which is a code editor, FTP and terminal app for macOS and iOS. It's basically very good but suffers from one or two drawbacks.

Dark Sky Weather review

A review of the Dark Sky Weather app, which I tested for seven days. It's quite accurate although it had one or two interface problems.

OmniFocus review

A review of OmniFocus 2 for macOS and 3 for iPad, the popular list taking, project management and GTD app. In particular, version 3 of OmniFocus for iOS finally brings genuine iPad support.

Bear Writer review — a gorgeous notes app

A review of Bear Writer, a markdown-based note-taking application from Shiny Frog. It supports tags and has multiple import and export options.