Supremely Washable 4.5 Tog Printed Duvet review

If you hate removing duvet covers pre-wash and putting them back on post-wash then M&S's Supremely Washable duvets are for you. You just stick the whole duvet in the wash and everything's fine.

There are many domestic tasks I hate. All of them, in fact. I’ve no idea what scientists are doing when they should be just taking these tasks away from us. Well, not them personally, but their ideas should be doing so. Well I do know what scientists are doing as I have a keen interest in their work but when was the last time you wanted to change the neutrons in your spanner set?

I digress as usual and you’re reading the wrong blog if you don’t want that. I used to tell my wife I wrote in ‘Consciousness Writing’, like Jack Kerouac, but she said I was just a dick.

Anyway, the specific subject in relation to this review is changing duvet covers. It’s a hateful task and my duvet cover is easily as vicious as my mop, domestically. I’ve been lost inside a duvet cover for three days before now and alas I don’t mean with the Minogue sisters. I mean changing it.

I was delighted therefore to find out it’s now unnecessary to change such covers and I bought one of these things where you just stick the whole duvet in the machine.

The particular one in question is as entitled above by Marks, but they and one or two other companies do others. Just choose a tog value that suits. I have no time for tog values and all this hoity-toity winter and summer duvet nonsense. But if your name’s Jacob Rees-Mogg, you’ll find a few options to tog you out. Although for the purposes of this review it should be noted that they don’t tog as greatly as the standard wares. Neither will you yet get the colour ranges and whatnot but I’m a Northerner so I don’t care about these things.

I’ve never been too cold in a bed in a UK. I have been too warm but I just use the foot out method, which I should warn can be popular with some cats.

The big question is: can you simply wash the whole thing? Yes, it’ll fit in an 8kg washing machine and needs a 60 degree setting or so and then tumble dry. All done in a day. It’s worth pointing out they don’t do as well in washer/dryer type machines, I’ve read, so you maybe need to line or radiator dry and I’ve read radiator drying can take a while.

Is this any better to sleep under? No, but I personally find it no worse and I love the convenience.

Difficult to know how to star-rate this one. If my old one was a 3 star, I’d easily give this one 6 more stars if it meant I didn’t have to wrestle with it at cleaning time, but that would be silly. I’ll settle on 4 stars.