Sonos and TuneIn radio

Sonos hardware is pretty good but the software can sometimes have me tearing what’s left of my hair out. Rarely do I take a software update without something going wrong. Usually it fails to find either a speaker or my Connect (which drives Sonos stuff via my amp through my main speakers). I usually just faff around rebooting routers and Sonos devices for a few days until it decides to eventually find my devices.

Under Sonos 9.3 my ability to listen to radio stations suddenly disappeared. There was no “Radio by TuneIn” available on the music sources menu (on the right) anymore. No matter what I did I couldn’t listen to radio on my Sonos. I was bereft of Radio 2, which is all I really listen to these days having reached — and considerably surpassed — the age when everything on Radio 1 is untalented crap.

There is however light at the end of the tunnel. Upgrading to Sonos 10 restored TuneIn and it was the smoothest Sonos update I’ve ever performed. I didn’t once reach for the hammer to smash a Sonos speaker to pieces. I didn’t shout, I didn’t swear.

So if you’ve lost Radio by TuneIn, I suggest upgrading your software to Sonos 10.