Look, I hate those sites that pop up a box that says "We value your privacy", particularly as they don't, not really. They will usually then, by default, set things up so they can invade your privacy as much as possible.

So I'll be honest. I don't know you and I can't really say I give two shits about your privacy. I think you should be very protective of it online, but that's up to you.

Here's what I do on this site.

It goes without saying that any data this site collects is held securely and in compliance with UK (and, where relevant, EU) laws.

This site does not habitually collect personal data such as your name, email address, postal address or IP address. Obviously if you contact me you may give me such data, but I won’t be passing that on to anyone else or using it to try to take over the world.

This site does not set any first party cookies or employ any trackers. Feel free to delete all data and cache related to this site via your browser; it will not affect your viewing experience.

This site does not sell or otherwise pass your data on to anyone.

I cannot be held responsible for any third party sites I link to, so please check those sites' own privacy policies for more information.

I do occasionally embed videos from other sites and they may set cookies and do some tracking. That's probably the only chink in my privacy armour but I'll take the risk in order to better entertain my readers.

This site has no database so obviously no data is stored therein.

It's worth pointing out that servers (including mine) do log things as a matter of course. These system and web server logs may contain your IP address and details of your visit. These are used for debugging problems and managing firewalls and I can't really be without them. If it's any consolation, I don't look at them unless there's a problem and they get automatically deleted after a while.

I have a couple of Javascripts in the header of most pages: one to implement 'lazysizes', which just delays fetching images until you need them (thus making the site faster) and, on posts that contain mathematical equations, I invoke 'mathjax' via Javascript. I'm not aware of either of these scripts doing any tracking but it would be prudent to check if you're concerned.

It's about as secure as you can get for a site because I don't personally scrape any data at all. I used to run analytics and set the odd cookie, but I no longer do.