Panic to release Coda replacement

Panic have announced where they’re going next with their web development software, Coda.

It turns out that, in fact, Coda is going nowhere at all and they’re going to release some brand new web development software to replace it. Said software is currently unnamed.

Summing up some of their plans, Panic said:

There are substantial new modern editor features, like multiple cursors, highlighting for identifiers, tag pairs, and brackets, editor overscroll, improved autocomplete, and more.

There’s publishing to multiple destinations. A sidebar for build issues. Themes for the entire workspace. A new Terminal.

And since it’s Mac native, it’s super smooth and hyper responsive, designed to get your work done as quickly as possible. It’s also way faster than Coda 2 — up to 40 times faster when parsing files and indexing a project.

Most intriguingly, there’s still a lot we’re not quite ready to talk about — innovative new ways that our next editor can help you with your entire web development workflow.

I use Coda quite a lot so I’ll be keeping an eye on this. The thing is, I use Coda on both macOS and iOS and I’m a little worried that Panic’s announcement seems to mention ‘Mac’ a lot but not iOS. I’m left to wonder if their use of that term in this case means what I’d call ‘Mac’, which consists only of the desktop and laptop offerings from Apple, or whether it’s a more generic term for all Apple products, including iOS, as some people (erroneously, in my opinion) use the term.

In my previous review of Coda I highlighted some things I’d like to see in Coda and most of them centred around the interoperability of Coda between macOS and iOS.

Much of what Panic wrote sounds enticing but if there’s no iOS version it’s a deal-breaker for me and I’ll look elsewhere.

iOS is in ascendency and I believe it would be a massive mistake for Panic to ignore that.