Moving to an iPhone 11 from an older iPhone (an iPhone 6 in my case)

It’s really quite simple to move to an iPhone 11 but I’d better qualify my particular circumstances before I go on.

I had an iPhone 6 — just the plain 6, not the 6S or the Plus or anything like that — and I wanted to upgrade to a standard iPhone 11 (not the Pro or the Pro Max).

For what it’s worth I’m with O2 (UK) for my mobile package.

I reckon this should work for any iPhone that’s running iOS 11 or later and uses a Nano SIM card. I’d guess it would work for any phone provider too but I can only vouch for O2.

iPhone 11 on top of its box.

Prepare the old phone

Make sure iCloud backup is switched on:

Settings -> Apple profile (at the top) -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup -> On

Then take a backup:

Settings -> Apple profile (at the top) -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup -> Backup Now

Yes, you can do that by plugging your phone into iTunes too but I went the iCloud way.

Swap the SIM

I simply ejected the SIM card from my iPhone 6 and put it into my iPhone 11.

Configure the new iPhone 11

Switch the new iPhone 11 on and go through the initial set up screens, selecting your language, Siri, Apple Pay and similar settings.

At some point the phone will tell you there’s an easy way to set things up by holding next to an existing iOS device you use. That can be your old iPhone or an iPad if you have one.

Do this and follow the instructions on both devices. It will kick things off on the device you’re holding your new phone next to and then it will continue on the new phone itself.

You’ll (probably) want to set up FaceID to replace your fingerprint if you were previously using an older phone like me. It’ll prompt you do do this during setup.

At some point it will ask you if you want to restore from a backup. You do and you should select the backup you took earlier.

Now twiddle your thumbs for a while — a good while — until this finishes. Apps on your new phone will be dimmed until they’re properly restored but you can start using apps as soon as they’re there and the restore will continue in the background.

Plug device in and connect to wifi message

You might see a message that asks you to plug your device in and connect to your wifi network. It happens when it’s restoring Messages from iCloud and it may be puzzling because you could already be connected to wifi.

Don’t worry about it, just plug your iPhone 11 into the mains and it’ll sort itself out.

Using your iPhone 11

I’m not going to regurgitate the user guide here because there are many documents and articles telling you how to use the iPhone 11.

However, if you’ve transitioned from an older iPhone you’ll notice you no longer have a Home button on the iPhone 11. Furthermore, you’ll be on iOS 13 (if you weren’t already), so here are some basic tips to get you started.

Home button replacements

Gesture areas on the iPhone 11.

Going home

Where previously a single click on the Home button would get you home, the absence of this button means you have to use gestures instead.

Touch your finger to the gesture area (labelled 1 on my picture) and do a quick flick up, letting go straight away. This gets you the Home screen.

Multi-tasking app switcher (and closing apps)

This would previously have been invoked with a double-tap on the Home button.

Instead, touch your finger to the gesture area, move it up (but don’t flick), pause very briefly and you’ll find yourself with a bunch of app cards you can flick through to change apps.

If you want to shut down an app, just flick it upwards.

Quick app switching

Touch your finger to the gesture area and flick left or right to go through the apps you have open.

Invoking Siri

This would previously have been a long press on the Home button. Now you just press and hold the right side button (or set up “Hey Siri” and shout at your phone instead).

Control centre

Swipe your finger down from the top-right (where the battery indicator is and labelled 2 on my picture).

Wake or sleep the iPhone 11

A single, short press of the right side button will wake or sleep your phone.

Turn your iPhone 11 off

Press and hold the right side button and either of the left-side volume buttons together and it’ll bring up a screen with a switch you can slide to turn the phone off.

Turn your iPhone 11 on

Press and hold the right-side button until the Apple logo appears.

Camera screen the iPhone 11.

Take a screenshot

Quickly click the right side button and the volume up button together.

The camera

I’m definitely not going to get into any details here. There are plenty articles online from people who actually know something about photography.

You will note however that you have two lenses on the iPhone 11 (three if you have a Pro). To switch between the lenses, just click the little 1x symbol at the bottom of the camera screen (circled on my picture). Clicking and holding that button will bring up a wheel for finer adjustment.

The much talked about Night Mode kicks in automatically in low light situations.

Enjoy your new iPhone 11.