Ironmaster Super Bench Leg Attachment review

This serves its purpose well enough, adding leg curls and leg extensions to the Super Bench. I don't think it quite lives up to Ironmaster's usual quality and attention to detail though.

I have previously reviewed the Ironmaster Super Bench and I purchased mine with a number of attachments. I thought I’d do a short review of each of these attachments and in this article I’m going to review the Ironmaster Super Bench Leg Attachment.

Ironmaster leg attachment.

There is a slot at the front of the Ironmaster Super Bench which all the attachments fit into and it’s easy enough to use. You just unscrew the knob, pull it out (it’s spring-loaded), slot the attachment into the the bench and then release the knob and tighten it up as necessary.

Like most leg attachments, this Ironmaster one is for the purposes of performing either leg extensions or leg curls. It takes either standard or Olympic plates, the latter with a sleeve adapter, and it’s rated up to 200lbs (91kg).

There are a few problems that make this attachment less than perfect, though.

I’m 5ft 10 and can use the leg attachment just fine but you wouldn’t want to be too much taller than me to use it for leg extensions. My feet are very close to the floor as it is and I reckon anyone 6ft+ might find their feet catching on the floor.

In fact, the Ironmaster site warns of this problem, saying: “Due to the flat height of the Super Bench, users over 6’2″ may have a floor clearance constraint. The Bench can be rotated up a notch to get more clearance and a 3” block of wood can be used under the support foot if necessary when heavy weights are used.“

Another problem is that if you put a big plate (20 or 25kg) on first, it can catch on the frame of the bench. The trick is of course to just put a smaller plate on first but this seems to lack the attention to detail that Ironmaster usually have with their products.

Ironmaster leg attachment
Ironmaster leg attachment

Also, this attachment is only rated up to 200lbs (91kg) . That’s about par for these sorts of things (200-250lbs) but a 200lb leg extension is easily within the abilities of an intermediate weight-trainer. Again, given my high expectations of Ironmaster, I would like to see this rated at 250-300lbs.

Another problem is that there are no handles on the bench so you have to anchor yourself down just by holding the sides of the bench. I don’t mind this too much as it happens because I’ve sometimes found handles on a bench get in the way when you’re doing other exercises (like dumbbell flyes, for example), but I thought I should mention it.

Finally, it’s expensive at £129. I’d expect to pay £40 to £60 for a leg attachment with a 200lb rating. I know Ironmaster stuff is expensive in general — and worth it a lot of the time — but I think this is taking the piss a bit.

Ironmaster leg attachment.
Ironmaster leg attachment.

I’ve been quite hard on the Ironmaster Leg Attachment because I’m used to the very best from this company. In reality, it’s fine and I do both leg curls and leg extensions with it regularly. I think the only major problems are that tall people might catch their feet on the floor and I think it’s expensive for a 200lb-rated attachment, as I mentioned above.

It gets a 3.5 star rating from me.