GreenHat is PHP-driven, Jekyll-like static blogging software. Before I go any further, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way.

This is simple software written for my own purposes. It is unsupported. I will try to help if I get questions and I have time but there is absolutely no guarantee. Furthermore, this is alpha software, not even beta, and as such undoubtedly contains many errors.

I wrote this for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not a Ruby programmer and the language gives me the willies. I could have learnt it to add to the half dozen or so languages I’ve programmed (professionally) in, but I already know PHP and, anyway, I didn’t find installing Ruby and Jekyll to be much fun. I wanted something I could tinker with comfortably and PHP is my preferred choice for this sort of thing.

Second, Jekyll was taking 70-80 seconds to generate my site and I wanted to speed that up. My own GreenHat takes 3-4 seconds on the same site. That’s because my software doesn’t have the extensive plugin architecture (yet) that Jekyll does; it’s simpler software and if you want more configuration or plugin options then you’re better off with Jekyll.

That said, feel free to use my software at your own risk. Hopefully the following pages will help.