GreenHat SBS - The lifecycle of creating a new post or article

This is the basic lifecycle you’d undergo to create a new post or article.

  1. Write the post.
  2. If it’s a blog post, make sure the filename begins with YYYY-MM-DD-, ends with the extension .md and is stored somewhere underneath the _posts directory.
  3. If you’ve added or altered any images in the process of creating your post, run ./ so that SBS can deal with images. You only need to run that once after every image change or addition. If there are no changes to images, run ./ as this is much faster.
  4. When the scripts in step 3 have completed, SBS will start a development server for you. It will give you the address of the development server at the end (it will usually be on MacOS). You can now go to that URL in a browser, check your post and correct any errors you might find.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re happy with the post.
  6. Run ./ or ./ (depending on whether you’ve added or changed images, as mentioned in step 3).
  7. FTP or otherwise copy the entire contents of the _site directory to your web root on the server.