I wrote my own Static Site Generator (SSG) in Node Javascript to power this site. It started merely as a technical exercise, and it's not something I'd particularly recommend doing as there are plenty tried and tested SSGs out there.

It stands on the shoulders of giants and owes a lot to Jekyll, which is the Ruby-based SSG I originally used for my site, and Eleventy, Hexo and various other SSGs I've brazenly stolen ideas from.

My own SSG — GreenFedora — is in its fourth major iteration now, and it's still evolving. It works really well for my needs. It was too specific to my needs to be of use to anyone else to begin with, but I've abstracted it further and made it more generic in recent versions. Some of my friends use it now too.

I am even starting to write some documentation. Even if nobody beyond a few friends and I use it, I may as well do as good a job as I can.

The source can be found on GitHub. If my code is naive I apologise. I'm fairly new to Node Javascript having spent most of my career with Assembler and C/C++.