DPD is in the wrong business

I was recently expecting a delivery from DPD, but received a text telling me I wasn't in when they attempted to deliver. This was odd because I certainly was in, and there was no record on my phone of anyone buzzing my bell to attempt delivery.

I checked the CCTV. The DPD delivery driver didn't even come into the grounds, let alone buzz my bell. The driver's phone had extraordinary features, though. The way he determined I wasn't in was by taking a photograph of the building from outside the grounds. I didn't realise there were phones with military-grade heat sensors these days. The thing is, they don't work because, as I mentioned, I was in, and I wasn't hiding in the fridge or wearing lead underpants to fool the driver's heat-sensing phone.

Sarcasm aside, this isn't the first time DPD drivers have been too lazy to deliver things to me. The driver did the same thing last time, but on that occasion he didn't even get out of his van to take the photograph of the building. He just snapped it from the driver's seat.

This inconvenienced me because I then had to pick the delivery up from a DPD drop-off point, which is the local Matalan in my case. That meant I had to disguise myself as Napoleon before setting off in order to protect my reputation.

What, then, is the point of a delivery company that doesn't attempt to deliver? That's supposed to be their job. My advice to DPD is that they'd be better off in the photography business. If they don't want to do that, they could do some cost-cutting by delivering everything to Matalan in the first place. They'd save a fortune in petrol if they did away with driving all over the place pretending to deliver things.