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    Contact the owner of via email. I welcome constructive comments, critical or otherwise.
  • Privacy

    Your privacy rights when you access — how information is stored, protected, used and shared and any risks incurred as a result.
  • Terms and Conditions

    This page describes the terms and conditions you must adhere to when you visit this site. If you don't accept them you must leave. Now. Immediately. Do not pass Go.
  • About

    Information about me, the owner of, and the blog’s purpose, which is simply to give me a medium to improve my writing and bore everyone with my opinionated rants.
  • Bad Sites

    Some sites annoy me and I give up visiting them. This is my list of those sites and the reasons why I no longer visit them.
  • GreenHat Blogger

    I've developed my own static blogging software to power this. These pages will eventually describe it a bit more.
  • Resources

    Resources I use regularly, which includes software I use (to create this site and in general), sites I like to visit and various other addenda.