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Cannot tick-enable a Safari extension via preferences

If you find you can't enable an extension in Safari, the fix is simple but ludicrous. I'm talking about the Safari Preferences -> Extensions tab where you can tick and untick extensions.

Safari preferences, extensions dialog.I disabled the 1Password Safari extension by unticking it and then it just wouldn't allow me to tick it again to enable it. I thought it was a 1Password-specific thing at first but then the same thing happened with Bear Writer's Safari extension.

Bizarrely, the way I fixed it was by simply moving the preferences dialog to the middle of the screen. I never noticed this before Safari 13.1 but it could feasibly have been there. I don't enable or disable extensions all that often and maybe when I have previously done so the dialog has been in the centre of the screen anyway.

It seems to me to be a very odd way to fix a problem and something weird must be going on there.