BT's inflexible flexible TV packages

BT has announced a so-called 'flexible' product for their TV services. You can basically plug together different packages on a month-by-month basis. However, it's only 'flexible' in certain respects because you have to sign up for a very inflexible 24 months to get it in the first place, and of course you're going to have to pay a fixed monthly fee for the base service regardless.

BT said:

Being flexible is more in tune with how customers want to consume content in a streaming world.

Yes, but locking people in for 24 months is definitely not in tune with how customers want to consume content.

The packages start at £10/month for the 'Entertainment' package and go up to £60/month for the 'VIP' package, which is extortionate. By comparison, Netflix is £5.99 to £11.99 a month and you can cancel at any time rather than in 24 months.

I don't think BT have quite grasped the definition of flexibility that customers really want.

On a related note, sport packages are just ludicrously expensive. When I'm the supreme despotic leader of this country (The Worshipful One), that'll all change.