Blondie’s Parallel Lines — top class album

I like a foray in music on this blog from time-to-time and today I’ve been spinning Parallel Lines on vinyl.

I’ve always liked Blondie, even beyond the way Debbie Harry used to stir my mid-teen hormones. The band were perhaps not the most technically gifted you’d ever listen to, but their songs worked very well indeed.

What struck me today was not how each song on Parallel Lines is individually, which I already appreciated, but how well they work together as an album.

There’s just the right mix of lighter songs, which lean more towards pop, and heavier songs, which lean more towards punk. And as an over all package you end with something that I guess could be called New Wave, although I always find genres difficult to define.

Lyrically, I think ’11:59’ is my favourite track. It may or may not have been written about the nuclear arms race but it said much to me about how short life is and how we need to live in the moment.

If I wanted to be arty I’d mention the changing meter from a 4/4 to a 3/4 in Heart of Glass and how well that works, but I’m not arty so I won’t mention it.

Instead, let’s just play it.

That definitely still stirs some hormones, 40 years on from my mid-teens.