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December 2018

  • Saving the UK high street - do we want to?

    The High Street appears to be in trouble and Mike Ashley recently told MPs how to save it. But I'm not so sure we want to save it anyway.
  • People are nuts about Fortnite

    The BBC looks at the world of Fortnite hackers, but I tend to think a better sense of perspective is necessary.
  • Siri or Skynet?

    My HomePod seems to have a mind of its own sometimes and I think about that in this article, which also serves as a very brief review of the device.
  • Helm Personal Email Server overview

    An excellent ArsTechnica overview (and tutorial) of Helm Personal Email Server, which provides the hardware and services you need to easily host your own email.
  • Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi review

    A review of the Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi system, specifically the MW6 version which is the one I used to penetrate the thick walls where I live.

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June 2018

  • Filemaker 17, briefly

    A quick look at Filemaker 17 and a couple of the new features I find most interesting, along with a couple of my criticisms in general.
  • Apple WWDC 2018 summary

    The Next Web's summary of Apple's 2018 WWDC. Quite a few things were announced that probably interest many people, although I'm a little nonplussed.
  • Infernal Windows 10 updates

    Windows 10 updates are complete mess. There's no control over when they'll run and, when they do run, they often fail, leaving you with the 'solution' being that you must reinstall the OS.

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