Apple’s March 2019 event uninspiring

I tend to agree with a post by Ben Lovejoy on 9To5Mac. The announcements from Apple’s March 2019 event failed to excite me too.

For those interested in a summary of what was announced, try 9To5Mac’s Summary.

I can see why Apple feel they have to branch out into services. iPhone sales — their primary earner — have reached saturation point and offsetting a lack of sales with higher prices will only work for so long.

So Apple are concentrating on things like Apple TV, Apple News, a gaming arcade and even their own credit card. All things they hope will generate repeat income via subscriptions or interest (in the case of their credit card).

But I feel they’re things that anyone with sufficiently deep pockets could do and in many cases have already done.

Apple’s historic speciality has always been to produce high-quality hardware coupled with high-quality software. Arguably, they do that better than anyone, particularly when it comes to making their devices a pleasure to use.

I’m not sure how they plan to stamp their mark on a bunch of a services such that people choose them rather than similar services from other suppliers.


Well, as far as I’m concerned there’s plenty televisual choice already. Most of it is rubbish — from boring soaps through tedious reality TV to the dreadful game shows or vote-for-me ‘competitions’ that somehow hit primetime on Saturday evenings — so unless Apple aim to produce genuine quality rather than pandering to the idiot masses like most other channels, I’m not interested.

The line-ups Apple announced didn’t tickle my fancy too much but I’ll remain open-minded for now.


Apple announced it is partnering with a number of news and magazine sources — Vogue, Time, the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times amongst others — and plans to offer a subscription to the lot (300+ titles in all) for $9.99 a month.

From a UK perspective the newspapers are all American as far as I can see but even if they devise a UK-specific package I doubt I’d sign up. I get my news from the telly or via free sources on the internet and I just don’t read magazines these days.


Apple is going to release something called Apple Arcade, which will allow access to 100+ games on all Apple devices (including TV) for a flat monthly fee.

Much depends on what games are on offer and what the monthly fee is (Apple haven’t said), but I rarely play computer games these days anyway. It would have to include a truly impressive line-up of games to even tempt me and I just can’t see the big names in gaming being part of it.

Credit Card

Apple will release its own credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs. I believe it does some clever things with Apple Wallet and has no number on it.

From what I’ve seen so far it has ‘enticements’ such as cash-back offers, but so do many existing credit cards and bank accounts, and an interest rate that only matches most cards on the market. So, meh.


Sorry for being uninspired by all this but none of it floats my boat.