Apple’s asynchronous iOS/iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina release schedule

Apple's Reminders app icon. With macOS Catalina due for release today, it’s probably worth commenting on how Apple appear to have got the release schedule between Catalina and iOS/iPadOS 13 completely wrong.

If you’re a user of Apple’s Reminders app on both macOS and iOS/iPadOS, you will have noticed that it won’t sync. You’ll get a warning in Reminders on iOS/iPadOS explaining that you can’t use the new app because the macOS version is not yet compatible. There’s nothing you can do about that until Catalina hits general release (today, hopefully). This will no doubt be extremely frustrating for people who rely heavily on Reminders.

Apple has dropped a bollock, basically.

Catalina should have been released alongside iOS/iPadOS 13. It’s as simple as that. I don’t know why that wasn’t the case although I suspect they rushed iOS 13 out to coincide with the release of the iPhone 11. Maybe they’d planned to release both together and Catalina was delayed for some reason.

Alternatively, why didn’t they just issue an update to Reminders on macOS? It’s just an app. I presume there are technical reasons why they couldn’t do this. Perhaps macOS’s new Reminders app has some insurmountable dependency on Catalina.

Bugs in new software are virtually inevitable. No matter how many beta releases you have, it’s only going to test things out on a tiny portion of prospective users. Furthermore, we’re talking about entire operating systems here and they’re fairly big beasts.

Bugs are understandable, although one hopes they will be minimal, but the release schedule is something entirely under Apple’s control. I hope they’ll avoid such release incompatibilities in future.

For all that I like Apple’s hardware and software, I do have some criticism of the company. They obviously care about the user experience in the global sense or they wouldn’t produce so much stuff that’s a delight to use, but they seem to have no problem inconveniencing individual users via a shoddy release schedule and that just smacks of arrogance.