My name is Gordon Ansell, which is a handy coincidence because that’s my domain name too. By trade I’m a techie, having cut my teeth in the world of mainframe computing in the early 1980s, then moving into PCs and Windows in the early 1990s, and into Linux in the early 2000s. Finally, in the 2010s, I became a bit of an Apple fan-boy.

I’m fed up with computing as a profession now, although I still have a strong interest in the field as a layman. I still tinker with plenty code.

I’m a Geordie by birth — and proud of it — but I’ve spent a lot of my life in the South-West of the UK. I’m currently based in Somerset and live in an apartment in a converted mental hospital, which many people think is entirely appropriate.

I’m in my mid 50s and a widower, which makes me sad beyond belief, and I live with the world’s most miserable cat who seems to hate everything that breathes except me.

This Blog

I started this blog simply because I like to write and want to improve my skills in that area.

This blog has no topic — no niche as they call it — and I’ll write about anything that interests me. This is likely to include topics such as techie stuff, weight-training, science, music and maybe even a little humour. I like reviewing stuff I’ve bought too.

Otherwise it’s a bit of a free-for-all here.

This blog scratches an itch for me and I'd keep writing it if I had no readers at all, but I’m still very grateful when anyone drops by to read what I’ve written.

The blog is powered by my own software, which is Jekyll-like software written in Javascript. There are far fewer overheads with static blogging software than there are with things like Wordpress, which is what I’ve used a lot in the past.

There are no comments on this blog. I’ve administered and moderated blogs with comments before and dealing with the spam, trolling and infighting is a thankless task that brings me little pleasure. Some blogs need comments more than others. In fact, on some blogs the articles are merely there to set up a discussion in the comments, but I think most blogs are better without them. Having said that, I do accept Webmentions.

This doesn’t mean I’m completely incommunicado. You can contact me if you wish. Better still, reply to me via your own blog and send me the link.


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