Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Master System review

1294 words. 5 minutes reading time.
Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4

A review of the Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Master System. Back in my youth I did a lot of weight-training but then life got in the way and I took a 20 year layoff. When I was 46 I took it up again and this is the kit I originally used for my weight-training when I restarted.

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Why use Jekyll as a blogging platform?

606 words. 2 minutes reading time.

My reasoning behind using Jekyll to power this site. I've used Wordpress on many blogs in the past but I didn't need all the features it provides for this blog and a static blog generation app seemed more appropriate. This article looks at how I came to decide to use Jekyll.

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Bear Writer review - a gorgeous notes app

1061 words. 4 minutes reading time.
Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4

A review of Shiny Frog's Bear Writer, which I really like and assessed to see if I could integrate it into my GTD process. I think it's ideal for note-taking, short-form writing (blog posts and such) and journaling, although some people might not like the subscription model it uses. I think it's worth looking at if you want a Markdown-based notes app.

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Rescuing the exclamation mark

684 words. 3 minutes reading time.

Exclamation marks are overused and abused these days and we need the grammar police to be vigilant in prosecuting offenders. I'd guess at least 99% of exclamation marks used in electronic communication are inappropriate and unnecessary.

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How to calculate your Wilks score

485 words. Less than 2 minutes reading time.

The Wilks Score allows powerlifters and weight-trainers to make an equitable comparison of the weights lifted regardless of body weight, gender and -- with a modification to the pure Wilks score -- age. This article explains how to go about calculating your Wilks Score.

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My GTD (Getting Things Done) software — still searching for the Holy Grail of GTD

1229 words. 5 minutes reading time.

Back in the 1980s I found a Holy Grail of GTD which was essentially a very upmarket Filofax. I've been searching for the software equivalent of that ever since the personal computing age dawned. In this article I describe my GTD process, which, alas, is no Holy Grail yet.

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CSF problems after EasyApache 4 upgrade

164 words. Less than 1 minute reading time.

If you've upgraded your CPanel system from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 there's a possibility that CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) won't run correctly. This is because the EasyApache upgrade moves the Apache log files. This article explains how to correct this problem.

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Problems with p0f after reboot or upgrade

213 words. Less than 1 minute reading time.

If you get the p0f appears to be down message after upgrading or rebooting a CPanel system, I have a fix for you. I haven't yet worked out how to stop it altogether but this fix holds things steady until the next upgrade or reboot.

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Installing Jekyll on macOS (OSX) 10.11+

547 words. 2 minutes reading time.

The process I used to install Jekyll on MacOS 10.11+ (actually 10.12.6) after encountering errors such as 'You don't have write permissions', 'public_suffix requires Ruby version >= 2.1', 'Your Xcode (7.2.1) is too outdated' and 'rbenv shell command not found'. It was a bit of a nightmare, but I got there in the end.

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