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Problems With P0f After Reboot or Upgrade

Posted by Gordon Ansell on with tags: tech, linux, cpanel.
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If you get the p0f appears to be down message after upgrading or rebooting a CPanel system, I have a fix for you. I haven't yet worked out how to stop it altogether but this fix holds things steady until the next upgrade or reboot.

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Installing Jekyll on MacOS (OSX) 10.11+

Posted by Gordon Ansell on with tags: tech, jekyll, apple, macos.
676 words, 3 minute read time.
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The process I used to install Jekyll on MacOS 10.11+ (actually 10.12.6) after encountering errors such as 'You don't have write permissions', 'public_suffix requires Ruby version >= 2.1', 'Your Xcode (7.2.1) is too outdated' and 'rbenv shell command not found'. It was a bit of a nightmare, but I got there in the end.

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