HP OfficeJet 6950 printer review

Printers are hardly thrilling items but I decided to review my HP OfficeJet 6950 colour inkjet printer. The bottom line is it's okay as far as these things go.

Wescot Credit Services — spammers (01482 590502)

Wescot Credit Services — spammers (01482 590502)

I was motivated to write this review because I’m fed up of being spammed by Wescot Credit Services Ltd. I don’t owe them or anyone they represent a penny. In fact I’ve never heard of the person they claim to be after, yet they continue to spam call me.

iA Writer review and changing my workflow

iA Writer review and changing my workflow

I’ve tried quite a few Markdown editors but, until now, hadn’t properly investigated iA Writer. However, it now fits nicely into my workflow and in this article I explain how it does so and I present my review of iA Writer.

Make quantum decisions with the Universe Splitter app

The Universe Splitter app allows you to make quantum decisions, spawning new universes in the process. Some quantum background to this and a brief review of the app can be found herein.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review — hard to rate

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review — hard to rate

I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night and this is my review of it. I enjoyed it but still have some reservations I can't quite put my finger on. That's probably me just being overly fussy though.

Hearing Direct HD500 hearing aid review

My hearing has been shot for many a decade now. For the most part I get by without a hearing aid but I recently purchased a Hearing Direct HD500 hearing aid. This is my review of that product.

Schrödinger's cat and also kettles

It's a tricky one to explain is Schrödinger's cat. Just consider this a very rough idea about what's going on with said cat in a box. As much as anything it's an example of how the underlying quantum reality that everything is made of differs from the world as we see it.

Wordpress 5.3 critical error

After upgrading one of the sites I manage to Wordpress 5.3, I encountered our old friend the Critical Error. It has been a while since I've seen that one and I thought I'd jot down some notes about how to debug that error and get your site working again.

Stranger Things — you either love it or hate it, it seems

I have just finished binge-watching seasons 1-3 of Stranger Things on Netflix and here I present my review. I've avoided spoilers, so there's no worry that I'm revealing anything here.

Chepstow Real Ale and Cider Festival, October 2019

I went back to my old stomping ground in the weekend and attended the Chepstow Real Ale and Cider Festival. This is my brief review of the occasion.

Apple Reminders on iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina — much improved

Apple's Reminders app is much improved under macOS Catalina, iPadOS 13 and iOS 13. It’s now a ‘proper’ GTD app with much added functionality as compared to previous versions. It’s still not perfect, though.

In The Tall Grass (2019) movie review — it fails to deliver

In The Tall Grass (2019) movie review — it fails to deliver

I watched In The Tall Grass on the weekend and this is my review of that film. I thought I’d better write one quickly because it’s the sort of movie I could easily forget, and therein lies a big clue about what I thought of the film.

iPhone 11 review by someone who hates phones

My completely subjective review of Apple's iPhone 11. I hate phones so it takes a lot to win me over to them. I explain how the iPhone 11 did so and then I tell you what I think about it.

Avengers: Endgame review — a bit disappointing

Avengers: Endgame review — a bit disappointing

By and large, I've enjoyed the Avengers and most of Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Endgame left me a little disappointed. I'll tell you why in this review, in which I've largely avoided any spoilers.

Google's private web proposals

Google is proposing a way to build a more private web which suggests a reclassification of cookies amongst other things. From a user's perspective I think Google are coming at this from the wrong angle.

Zen Internet review after 9 years

Zen Internet review after 9 years

I've been using Zen Internet as my ISP for 9 years now and I always recommend them to people, so I thought it was about time I did a proper review of the broadband package I use.

Measuring cosmic distances

I was recently reading an article about the expansion of the universe and how recent data suggests the figures we've been using might not be quite correct. This led me to look at how we measure this expansion - and, more generically, how we measure any cosmic distance - and I thought I'd write an article about it.

I am not a robot

I'm a bit fed up with 'robot tests' that websites ask me to pass before permitting me access. Half the time I simply don't bother and visit another website instead. Is there no better way to do this?

OmniFocus 3 for macOS - tags make everything better

OmniFocus has been my task manager of choice for a number of years now and, with the release of OmniFocus 3 for macOS, I thought I'd jot down how I think things have improved.

Bird Box (2018) film review - worth watching

Bird Box (2018) film review - worth watching

Having watched a few underwhelming horror movies recently, I was pleasantly surprised by Bird Box. This sort of thing is more to my taste when it comes to horror. This review contains some minor spoilers but nothing that's likely to ruin your viewing.

Serpent (2017) film review — I only liked the snake

Serpent (2017) film review — I only liked the snake

As most of the TV channels had decided not to bother marking Easter Sunday with any special programmes I watched a film called Serpent, which I'd recorded from Sky about a week ago. This was something I soon regretted.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web film (2018) review

The Girl in the Spider’s Web film (2018) review

I love the Stieg Larsson 'Millennium' books. Following Larsson's death, David Lagercrantz took over the storytelling and 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' is the first Millennium book of his to be made into a film. I review that film in this article.

Equalizer 2 (2018) film review

Having enjoyed watching Equalizer 1 a few years ago, I watched the sequel, Equalizer 2, during the weekend just gone. I present my review of that film here for what it's worth.

Mandy (2018) film review - psychotic psychedelia

'Mandy' is a 2018 psychedelic horror film that was generally praised by critics and the public. I review that film here after watching it the other day and I have to say I largely disagree with the praise it has received.

Hunter Killer review - tense but otherwise average

I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch on telly yesterday evening so I downloaded 'Hunter Killer' from Apple and watched that. This is my brief review of that film.

The scourge of flat-pack

I really hate flat-pack furniture. I'm terrible at putting it together because I'm a clumsy oaf. I would not, however, deprive anyone who likes this sort of junk but I'd certainly like a change to he way flat-pack items are advertised.

Suunto Core All Black review

Having failed in my first attempt to replace my Omega with a new watch, I went back to the drawing board and started researching watches again. This time I ended up with the Suunto Core All-Black, which I'm quite happy with. It has one or two minor faults, though, which I describe in this review.

Technical frippery

By technical frippery I mean technology and gadgets that really aren't worth the bother. They don't really save a great deal of time or effort. There's a lot of them around these days and I thought I'd muse on the subject for a few hundred words.

Smarter iKettle 3 review

I do like my tea. I probably drink too much of it. But with my old kettle playing up I had the perfect opportunity to upgrade to something interesting and I ended up with Smarter's iKettle 3, which I review here.

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 review

My trusty Omega Seamaster went bang after 20 years and I wanted something completely different, so I went for a Casio Mudmaster which is about as different as you can get to an Omega. Anyway here's my review of the watch.

Supremely Washable 4.5 Tog Printed Duvet review

I'm so unfailingly lazy that a duvet one doesn't need to extract covers from to wash is always going to appeal. In this case I'm talking about one of Marks' Washable Duvets, which I review here.

Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi review

I've always suffered from poor wi-fi here, just one room away from the router. That's due to the thick walls in the old building I live in. I've previously used Powerline plugs but I wanted to see if a mesh wi-fi system could handle things. The one I went with was a Tenda Nova MW6, which I review here.

Apple's Reminders app needs two features

I find Apple's Reminders app frustrating. It could so easily turn from something that's a bit 'meh' into an app that's central to everything I do. It feels unfinished at present and I hope it's something Apple will address in the future.

Schema.org for a blog

I've used schemas on my website almost since I started it. I haven't found the internet particularly helpful in guiding me with schema for a blog so maybe everyone else just makes it up as they go along like I do. In this article I show how I use schema, which seems to work reasonably well for me.

Wilkins Cider Farm, Mudgley, Somerset

I had the pleasure of visiting Wilkins Cider Farm a few weeks ago, which is excellent. I recommend a visit if you're ever in Somerset.

Coda review - nearly the perfect code editor

Despite no longer coding professionally, I still code for my own purposes. It's mainly web-based coding and I need some sort of code editor to help me out. In this article I review Coda, which is one of the main code editors in my toolbox. Over all, it's a great app but it suffers from a couple of problems.

Dark Sky Weather review

I downloaded the Dark Sky Weather app for iOS, which I tested for seven days and review in this article. It has been said that Dark Sky is pretty good at predicting US weather but I wanted to see how it copes with the festering cauldron of weather we get in the UK. It didn't do a bad job, as it happens, although I did notice one or two interface problems.

Ironmaster Super Bench Leg Attachment review

In general I love Ironmaster kit. I have an IM2000 and a Super Bench and I rate both highly. I am however a little disappointed with the Ironmaster Super Bench Leg Attachment, which I review here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s comparable to most leg attachments from other companies, it’s just that I expect more from Ironmaster and there are a few deficiencies with the product that I wouldn’t expect from this company.

Please telly, have mercy on me

I positively despise talent shows and reality TV. I simply do not understand how enough people watch this drivel to keep justifying the new series’ the television networks constantly inflict on us. What specific ‘hook’ — the one that draws everyone in — am I missing here?

BodyRip Cast Iron Fractional Weight Plates review

Fractional - or micro - weight plates (1kg or less) can be useful if you're trying to overcome a sticking point. In this article I review the BodyRip Cast Iron Fractional weight plates I bought for this very purpose. I have the 0.5kg and 0.25kg plates.

The Infowars debate and a website's whims

Infowars is complete nonsense in my opinion but it raises a bigger question: the rights a privately-owned website has to determine what content they allow. I argue that their right to choose what content they show and who they allow to post on their site is absolute, as long as it's legal.