M1 MacBook Air 13 inch (16GB) review, compared to a 2013 MacBook Pro

M1 MacBook Air 13 inch (16GB) review, compared to a 2013 MacBook Pro

After an irritatingly long wait, I've finally received my M1-powered MacBook Air (13 inch, with 16GB memory). I review it here and also compare it to a top of the range 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2013. It's entry-level 2020 vs high-spec 2013.

Star Trek: Discovery review — old meets new in a pleasing balance

I've been watching a few of the sci-fi series' available on Netflix over the last few weeks and I've just finished the first two series' of Star Trek: Discovery and am currently on the third. I realise I'm three years behind the curve reviewing this now, but I haven't done a film or TV review for a while and thought this series was worth one.

NetNewsWire review — you'd be mad not to try it

NetNewsWire is a free, open source feed reader app for macOS, iOS and iPadOS. Version 5.1 brought Feedly to the macOS version and this was my cue to start using it. This is my review of NetNewsWire.

Paying off hackers

How is it that it's legal to pay off hackers and thereby fund their continuing exploits? I've read of a number of instances of this in recent months and I'm sure there are others we don't hear about.

Agenda app review — the golden goose?

I'm hoping to be able to replace a number of my organisational apps with Agenda, which I review here. I should be able to roll notes, to-do lists, journals and project management all into one.

Birds of Prey (2020) movie review — I could live without it

I watched Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) during the week and wasn't particularly enamoured with it, although it's not a complete loss.

HP OfficeJet 6950 printer review

Printers are hardly thrilling items but I decided to review my HP OfficeJet 6950 colour inkjet printer. The bottom line is it's okay as far as these things go.

Wescot Credit Services — spammers (01482 590502)

Wescot Credit Services — spammers (01482 590502)

I was motivated to write this review because I’m fed up of being spammed by Wescot Credit Services Ltd. I don’t owe them or anyone they represent a penny. In fact I’ve never heard of the person they claim to be after, yet they continue to spam call me.

iA Writer review and changing my workflow

iA Writer review and changing my workflow

I’ve tried quite a few Markdown editors but, until now, hadn’t properly investigated iA Writer. However, it now fits nicely into my workflow and in this article I explain how it does so and I present my review of iA Writer.

Make quantum decisions with the Universe Splitter app

The Universe Splitter app allows you to make quantum decisions, spawning new universes in the process. Some quantum background to this and a brief review of the app can be found herein.