28 things plugged in

There are 28 things plugged into sockets in my living room.

  1. TV
  2. DVD player
  3. XBox
  4. Sky Box
  5. Apple TV Box
  6. A port switch of all the ethernet cables
  7. Record deck
  8. Amp
  9. Phono stage
  10. Sonos bridge
  11. Main landline phone
  12. Router
  13. Nova mesh box
  14. Philips Hue light controller
  15. Blink camera controller
  16. Desk lamp
  17. MacBook
  18. Backup disk for MacBook
  19. Printer
  20. Side light 1
  21. Side light 2
  22. Homepod
  23. Satellite phone unit
  24. Vape device
  25. iPad
  26. Mobile phone on charge
  27. Recliner power for settee 1
  28. Recliner power for settee 2

In the summer a 29th thing would be a fan.

I must be using enough electricity to power a Pink Floyd concert.

Imagine all the wires. I’ve just been through a process of trying to apply some order to these things. I think I’ve improved matters but it’s still an unholy mess.

We need to find a better way to transmit electricity.

It would probably be cheaper for me to commission the building of a miniature nuclear power station in the corner of the living room.