Great White - yet another shark movie

Great White. A fairly pointless waste of 91 minutes as far as I'm concerned.

What the FLoC is going on?

Google has come up with a new way to profiles users in the absence of third-party cookies. They still don't get it, though. Or, more accurately, I expect they do get it very well, but their commercial interests trump user concerns over privacy.

Wonder Woman 1984 review - no, no, no, no, no

I had been debating whether or not to watch Wonder Woman 1984 for a while. I watched it last night and my biggest regret is that I can't now unwatch it.

Titans review, and a bit of DC vs Marvel comparison

A short review of the Titans superhero series from DC, currently available via Netflix.

Wallowing in routine

I'm going to try doing this Daily Blogging Challenge thing for March. I'm terrible at writing to order, but I'll give it a go and see how far I get. Expect a lot of rambling.

The top 5 third-party apps I use

I've signed up to something called the Daily Blogging Challenge, which you can read more about at the start of this article. It's a test week this week and the first challenge just comes with a prompt of Top 5.

M1 MacBook Air 13 inch (16GB) review, compared to a 2013 MacBook Pro

M1 MacBook Air 13 inch (16GB) review, compared to a 2013 MacBook Pro

After an irritatingly long wait, I've finally received my M1-powered MacBook Air (13 inch, with 16GB memory). I review it here and also compare it to a top of the range 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2013. It's entry-level 2020 vs high-spec 2013.

Star Trek: Discovery review — old meets new in a pleasing balance

I've been watching a few of the sci-fi series' available on Netflix over the last few weeks and I've just finished the first two series' of Star Trek: Discovery and am currently on the third. I realise I'm three years behind the curve reviewing this now, but I haven't done a film or TV review for a while and thought this series was worth one.

NetNewsWire review — you'd be mad not to try it

NetNewsWire is a free, open source feed reader app for macOS, iOS and iPadOS. Version 5.1 brought Feedly to the macOS version and this was my cue to start using it. This is my review of NetNewsWire.