The Eternals review — I struggled with it

Because I'm a nerd for Marvel stuff, I watched The Eternals last weekend and present a short review here. I'll cut to the chase, though: it didn't particularly float my boat.

Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up is well worth watching. It's entertaining and worrying in equal parts. This is definitely one of Netflix's better productions.

Blackdown Hearing, Taunton & Somerton, Somerset — review

I had the pleasure of using Blackdown Hearing as for my audiology requirements. I offer a brief review of the company in this article.

Starkey Livio Edge 2400 AI hearing aids review

Starkey Livio Edge 2400 AI hearing aids review

I finally took the plunge, went to see an audiologist and got myself some Starkey Livio Edge 2400 AI hearing aids. I review them in this article. There seems to be a shortage of consumer reviews for these things and I hope someone finds my article useful.

Nuheara IQbuds Max review for the hard of hearing

A review of Nuheara IQbuds 2 Max for the hard of hearing. My hearing is screwed and this is one of the products I looked at to find a solution. I believe they'd work for milder hearing loss, but they didn't work for me.